London Job Ended (5th August 2011)

Almost exactly 2 years since I started making websites in an agency, I had my last day. The card was signed by many people. I received a little speech from the MD an gave a little speech. Two other people were leaving and experienced the ritutal before I wrapped things up.


Visited Family

To mark the occassion I returned to Fleet and caught up with the folks for a couple of days.

Tried to play football with Zoe at the local park but there were intermittent torrential downpours. When we had almost returned to the house I realised I had an umbrella. This useful fact had completely slipped my mind as I had never previously used an umbrella in Hampshire.

Mum made an outstanding roast pork dinner, as ever. It’s worth going back just for that!

Job Hunt

After my return I duely (or perhaps overduely!) updated Site Surgeon. Have re-engaged with my former networks and joined a handful of London recruitment agencies. Had lots of contact back from some of them. Monday 22nd August 2011 might be when I return to freelancing. This time it seems more likely to be getting embedded within companies, on their premises. Before that I used to freelance from home.