Plumbing Problems (19th April 2011)

Had a half-day on Monday afternoon for my dentist appointment. Found out at lunch that it was booked for the morning! So spent the afternoon with Fiona. A plumber was there when I arrived. He returned after 11pm due to a ‘water hammer’ noise. Spent all of the next morning sorting out valves, taps and pipes.

We went to some local parks after the plumber left. On the Tuesday we went to Finsbury Park, which is a reasonable walk and includes a dismantled railway line. We entered at a set of big fields and a fairground was set up further down. But we header the other way, a long way from the crowds.

Eventually an area of trees in full bloom, dappled shade and hardly any people welcomed us. Whilst playing frisbee a spaniel joined in, for the first time ever according to its owners! It didn’t understand the latter half of ‘fetch’ but clearly enjoyed the chasing and capturing of bright green flying discs.