New Government, New War (11th March 2011)

EU leaders had an emergency meeting and will to go to war if the unfavoured North African and Middle-Eastern governments continue to resist the militant factions. It’s beyond any doubt: the EU will force regime change. That usually comes with a side of American support.

It will happen via an international war if the rebels don’t manage it themselves via the civil war. Either way, the big players are ready, waiting and willing to get what they want.

If we weren’t the tinderbox which started these civil wars, we’re certainly the fuel which keeps it burning. The endgame seems ever-more inevitable, now our politicians are clumsily trying to accelerate the victory.

A Word from Noam Chomsky (17th April 2011 )

Just today I noticed On Libya and the Unfolding Crises, which is an interview by Noam Chomsky from 30th March 2011.

There was no effort to institute a no-fly zone. The triumvirate at once interpreted the resolution as authorizing direct participation on the side of the rebels. A ceasefire was imposed by force on Qaddafi’s forces, but not on the rebels. On the contrary, they were given military support as they advanced to the West, soon securing the major sources of Libya's oil production, and poised to move on.

[…] In the case of Iraq, the goals were those that were finally conceded. In the case of Libya, it is likely that the goal is similar in at least one respect: the hope that a reliable client regime will reliably supported Western goals and provide Western investors with privileged access to Libya’s rich oil wealth - […]


[…] it anticipates that the intervention may leave Libya with "two states, a rebel-held oil-rich East and a poverty-stricken, Qadhafi-led West … Given that the oil wells have been secured, we may find ourselves facing a new Libyan oil emirate, sparsely inhabited, protected by the West and very similar to the Gulf's emirate states." Or the Western-backed rebellion might proceed all the way to eliminate the irritating dictator.

Obviously he’s said it all far better and with a great deal more credibility and detail than I was able to. The rest of this blog entry is as I wrote it at the time.

Times Change

France recognised the rebels as being a government! This is like a work of fiction.

That didn’t happen when Iraqi citizens protested the Coalition’s outright invasion of their home territory. Didn’t happen when they got organised and brought in foreign help to get their nation back.

What’s the difference? My guess is that we set it in motion, using protesters as pawn. We’ll go in to collect our reward, under the guise of humanitarian aid and ‘Security’. That part will be eerily similar to the Iraq War.

Glimmer of Hope

The Independent’s website has the sort of article I should be seeing everywhere: America’s Secret Plan to Arm Libya’s Rebels. The headline is more sensational than the content but there are some intriguing insights.

“War: What is it good for?”

TV and radio have virtually been cheering on the rebels, from what I’ve seen.

Where are the anti-war protesters in all of this? War is a bad thing. The media has been telling their viewers war is good, encouraging, positive. They are supporting the protesters, even wishing them well.

Ministry of Truth

Has our population been conned by the blanket of Coalition propaganda? If so… well… one can only admire (and detest, in equal measure) how the intelligence services are actually living up to their name, this time around.