Valentine’s Weekend (13th February 2011)

Kicked some football on Saturday and Sunday. Had a wonderful meal at the Junction Tavern on Sunday. A couple of things planned for Monday evening, so will report back as and when.


I had crashed on my bed straight after eating dinner; just so wiped out from the week.

Got to Fiona’s for about 3pm in the end and we went to the park while it was still light. Apparently it had hailed a bit before I arrived! Ground was damp and slippery.

We played while the Sun set.


Was quite rainy on the Sunday but we braved it. The caged 5-a-side area was available towards the end, so we played in there for quite a while.

They have basketball hoops so we tried some netball/basketball throws… with varied success.


Saw a Lantern slide show at a quaint little club, filled with odd artefacts and curiousities.

We went from there across town via Central Line, changing at Bank for the Waterloo & City line. This proved an outstanding shortcut and we arrived at the cinema bang on the showing time, without having to rush and having waited in a queue at the box office!

The Artist is the movie we saw, which is a modern attempt at making a vintage movie. The 4:3 aspect ratio, black and white pallette and mixture of silent and scored scenes was a unique experience. For me, at least. The movie mixes humour, peril, madness and slapstick in a traditionally wry manner.

From there we went back to Fiona’s place and got a veggie pizza on the way. Was about midnight by then so had a quiet night.


I’d booked this off as a day to myself and relished it. Slept in at Fiona’s and eventually dragged myself out to do a big lot of grocery shopping at Waitrose. Time was about 11am so it was pretty empty.

Was carrying 10kg, maybe 15kg, for about 15-20 minutes form there to my flat. Had to put it down a few times but made it in one piece. If anything, my shoulders feel better having had a bit of effort put through them.

All in all, a perfect long weekend. c{¦¬)