Ski Lesson Progression (19th February 2011)

Taking a 3-hour lesson gave me the time to really “get” the fundamentals. We started using the rope lift, which is easy. It was a late lesson and the beginner slope was pretty much empty, so we got a lot of skiing in.

During the last half hour we had some little cone slaloms. By the end I was getting through the more difficult one about half the time and refining my balance with every run.

Downhill nountain biking requires very different techiques and corrections. Half the battle is unlearning all those insticts which have become second nature over the past decade!

The instructor signed me off as having passed level 2. Level 4 is when you’re considered independant, so I might try reaching that before we go to The Alps in mid-March. Would mean throwing a lot of money around, though…