1st Ever Ski Lesson (6th February 2011)

Wewt, I was the only person who fell! :-D

Didn’t hurt at all and instructor used me to show what other people should do if they fell. So I certainly got my money’s worth with the extra tuition. Just fell off to one side as I don’t know how to turn.

Blocked out the amount of stuff ski shops try to sell you, just getting the essentials. (Yes mum, I know you’ll check my card on that…) Was roasting on the practice slope, was like a sauna! So that should be a good setup for the real outdoors, although a balaclava to keep off the wind would be worthwhile and eye protection too.

It was a friendly group. Apparently I had the longest skis, which meant my first snowplough felt pretty extreme. Got used to it though and it was fun!