Dinner Party & Taking Kids to Park (30th January 2011)

Went to a dinner party with some friends of Fiona and her brother. Enjoyed some spaghetti with tiny bits of fish in it, cooked in a sauce and server with a dressed rocket salad. Tried some liquors and found them very strong and very sweet.

Next day, we went to a pub lunch where a different set of friends had taken their children. It was a very child-friendly venue. There was a big common opposite so we went there. I’d brought by frisbee and football, not for my own amusement by any means. (Believe that and you’ll believe anything!)

The friends pretty much all have kids and are nice people. The kids are just about old enough to not be an annoyance and all behaved well. They have a lot of energy and agility but surprisingly low top speed. Structured games aren’t possible, which was actually quite refreshing.