July 2008 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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6th Blood Donation (4th July 2008)

Much like my previous donation, I took off my jumper and used it as a blanket. This worked just as well as last time. It was even another glorious day!

I remarked to one of the nurses about how well organised these events are. She said when the staff levels drop things can get piled up but today it was going well. I reassured her that they were doing fine and I’d always been impressed with how the run the show.

The material they give you to read before donation has been streamlined to a single page, printed both sides. The second page had centred bullet points which sadly misses capitalising on the F-shaped reading pattern. Aside from that, it’s a model of clarity.

Plus, the staff are always friendly and welcoming. It’s a great thing to do. Particularly in my case as O- blood can be given to anyone.