Subscribing to W3C PFWG (28th March 2008)

Henri Sivonen and I discussed aria-posinset and aria-setsize on #whatwg today. He suggested I send feedback to the PFWG’s public mailing list for comments.

I used the web interface to read some messages and get a feel for the list. Jgraham was confused by the absence of a Subscribe link and so was I.

  1. Found Participation in PFWG but this covered different lists.
  2. Found a wonderfully concise set of instructions at the obscurely named W3C Mailing List Administrivia.
  3. Created a message to with the Subject set as subscribe. Just in case a human got involved, I included some text in the body:

    My W3C username is bmillard. I would like to subscribe to <>.

    Ben ‘Cerbera’ Millard
    Collections of Interesting Data Tables

    My participation in HTMLWG is how I already had a username.

  4. Sent it at 4:10pm today.
  5. Received message with the subject CONFIRM snumber at 5:14pm today.
  6. It asked me to send a blank reply to confirm my subscription.
  7. I did so and am now subscribed to the list.

Outlook Express is my mail client. To separate PFWG mail from everything else:

  1. I right-clicked the Inbox entry in the Folders sidebar.
  2. Selected the New Folder
  3. From the menu bar, I selected Tools > Message Rules > Mail.
  4. Clicked New.
  5. Ticked Where the To or CC line contains people.
  6. Ticked Move it to the specified folder.
  7. Clicked the contains people link.
  8. Typed pfwg
  9. Pressed Return to add it.
  10. Pressed Return to confirm the window.
  11. Clicked the specified link.
  12. Selected the Public PFWG folder.
  13. Clicked the OK button.
  14. Set the Name of the rule to Public PFWG Redirect.
  15. Clicked the OK button.
  16. Clicked the OK button.

Rather fiddly. I have a similar setup for a Public HTML folder.

Finally, I sent Structured HTML Precludes aria-posinset and aria-setsize? as my feedback.

So far I am only receiving mail sent to the list if it includes me in the To field.