100% in GT3 (27th March 2008)

Today I completed the last event in Gran Turismo 3. Turns out you need to beat the gold-medal demonstration lap in a series of Time Attacks in the Arcade Mode.

For the past several races I’ve been running with all the electronic aids turned off. Makes the racing much more demanding, for sure. But the tyre physics are so well simulated and I know the tracks so well that this extra challenge is quite welcome. Powersliding the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 throughout the Trial Mountain endurance race was particularly memorable.

There seem to be several different cars you can win from each championship event, or the same car in different colours. So now I’m going through my favourite championships again with a car significantly slower than the AI use. Idea being that I won’t win every race this time so winning the championship will be tough and I should get a different car.

The lifespan of any game in the Gran Turismo series is incredible. Was totally worth buying a PS2 just for Gran Turismo 3 and 4!