Accessibility Interest in HTMLWG (11th March 2008)

Only 2% of HTMLWG Participants had recorded their interest in accessibility by May 2007. 4.5% have now done so.

Recorded interest has more than doubled from from 2% to 4.5% over the past 10 months.


Background and Expertise Section

20 Participants, reordered alphabetically by last name:

  1. Chris Adams
  2. Denis Boudreau
  3. Laura Carlson
  4. Joseph D'Andrea
  5. Eric Daspet
  6. Ivan Enderlin
  7. Henrik Dvergsdal
  8. Karl Groves
  9. Thomas Higginbotham
  10. Bhasker V Kode
  11. Murray Maloney
  12. Charles McCathieNevile
  13. Ben Millard (me)
  14. Joshue O Connor
  15. Debi Orton
  16. Gregory Rosmaita
  17. Samuel Santos
  18. Justin Thorp
  19. Jason White
  20. Matthew Wilcox

Tasks Section

2 more Participants, reordered alphabetically by last name:

  1. Thomas Bradley
  2. Darren West

Other Sections

0 Participants in the other sections.


Silent Majority?

At the previous count:

Applying that idea to the current numbers:

If this is true, interest has risen by 50% from 12% to 18% over the past 10 months.

Related Groups

WAI interact with HTMLWG. This count only includes Participants within HTMLWG.


Only 2% last time and 4.5% this time actually recorded an interest in accessibility.


Please include “access” in your entry to any section of that survey if you are interested in usability for people with disabilities. Then your interest will be included in my next count.

If you have no interest accessibility but your name is counted here, contact me and I’ll correct this entry.