New Virgin TV Box (11th December 2007)

The following channels were stuttering really badly for me:

  1. Five
  2. ITV4
  3. Virgin 1
  4. Virgin 1+1
  5. Sci-Fi Channel
  6. More 4
  7. Discovery
  8. Discovery +1
  9. Discovery Animal Planet
  10. Discovery Knowledge
  11. Discovery Realtime
  12. MTV One
  13. TMF
  14. VH1
  15. The Hits
  16. Movies 24
  17. Euro News
  18. Speed TV
  19. Gems TV 2
  20. BBC 1 AD

Last week we called the Virgin Media support line. We described the symptoms and they asked some obvious questions. An interesting question was whether the problems were happening on VH1. Is there something special about that channel, perhaps?

Anyway, today an “engineer” came round and checked the digital box. He found “errors” with it and gave us a replacement from his van. The new box is identical to the old one except it has a different logo printed on it.

It took a while to download the software and boot up. All the old user interface bugs are present, so Virgin Media have evidently not bothered releasing a fix yet.

But at least I can watch TV again!