All Work and no Play (19th December 2007)

When I get work, I get lots of work. It all has to be done yesterday. And be top-notch.

During breakfast and occassional recovery breaks I read blogs about web technology, forums about web accessibility and mailing lists about web technology. (The recovery breaks are to prevent myself going (even more) mental after getting CSS to work robustly in IE6, IE7, Firefox 2 and Opera 9 without conditionally-served stylesheet(s). Yes, there are a lot of parenthesese happening here.)

Additionally, I persue various techy hobbies, such as bookmarking interesting uses of HTML. Eventually these will end up in a set of markup surveys, complementing my data tables survey. Documenting interesting quirks in Windows XP applications is a recent addition. Getting sponsorship for these is on my to-do list.

This is how my days are spent. Working. Non-stop. Doing stuff which is useful. In this respect, i r teh pwn. But a social life becomes impossible.

There are perhaps 5 bridges from me to a social life. They are all rather tenuous and would need a lot of shoring up before I could start using them. 1 has probably disintegrated irrecoverably. But this is an area I’m feeling increasing need to divert effort towards.

Avoiding phrases like “probably disintegrated irrecoverably” when in public might be a start? c{:¬)