Opening Files in TextStudio (11th October 2007)

My MDI text editor, TextStudio is badly coded because I suck at programming. But this year I’ve been improving big chuncks of it every month or two.

On 4th October I started scribbling ideas in my notepad about refactoring parts of the code. The opening of files is something that was spread all through the code with each opening method doing things a bit differently from all the others. None of them would crash the app but some had little bugs and it was a pain trying to troubleshoot them.

So I spent a couple more days writing ideas and boiling down the problems to write a new, simplified, centralised file opening routine.

Today, just 8 days later, I’ve implemented it and bugfixed it. It’s only a simple app written in Visual Basic 6 but seeing it steadily improve is a really cool feeling. Especially when really big-budget software producers are making their stuff steadily worse.