Clean Bedroom (3rd October 2007)

My TV, digital cable decoder and cupboard units had gathered so much dust it looked like grey snow. Our vacuum cleaner has a brush attachment for it which is perfect for getting rid of dust. Conventional dusters throw some of it into the air and the rest goes up your nose.

After hovering all the dust from all the surfaces I did the carpet. The ring binder with all my GTA designs and planning is now retired to a drawer. It used to live on my floor for quick access but I don’t do modding any more. Especially given how my messages got deleted at GTA Forums recently.

Anyway, my room is now sparkly clean. The big posters of cars are now gone as well and various other de-cluttering took place, so it now has a genuinely spacious feel. Which is nice.

The Tools area has also seen some Spring cleaning. Well, it’s really Autumn cleaning now.