Calthorpe Wins “Most Accessible Website” (19th September 2007)

What a day! Winnng the category with Calthorpe is a landmark for me. Professionally, landmarks include:

Being successful at something I care about has been a dream of mine since the day I could stack building blocks. To have overcome the uncertainties, learnt from my mistakes and been supported by my family and so many other like-minded developers is tremendous. It’s a fairy tale and a reality all at once.

Sure, it “only” covers Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. But there were nearly 100 entrants in this category. Winning it puts Calthorpe’s site approximately in the 1st percentile, as my Dad noticed on the way back. He and my mum both got a bit misty-eyed when I received the award with Cathy Anwar, Calthorpe’s headteacher. My heart was pounding so hard it nearly broke right out of my chest!

Whilst at the event I chatted to the developer of Court Moor’s website. He is a couple of years younger than me and is eerily similar to how I was at that age: keen but uncertain.