Hot Air Balloon Flight (29th September 2007)

My dad’s birthday was in July and we booked a flight with Adventure Balloons. It got rescheduled as the weather wasn’t good for them and today we went for it.

We were told the flight was going ahead at 2pm. Dad drove myself, mum, Zoe and Sarah to the field where they were launching from. We signed in and dipped our shoes in a disinfectant to avoid potentially spreading foot and mouth disease around the countryside.

I was one of the two “gloved men”. This basically means you hold a rope which stabilises the balloon as it is inflated, help pull it over when you land and various other odd jobs.

The other people on the flight were friendly and in good spirits, largely thanks to the Adventure Balloons staff setting such a fun tone for the event.

Whilst in the air we flew through some clouds and flew over one. Pretty awesome to be inside a cloud with no fuselage or anything around you!

It was a great trip and something I’d definitely do again.