Lower Left Wisdom Tooth Removed (19th July 2007)

Between 09:00 and 10:00 today I was having my lower left wisdom tooth removed. It was coming through crooked and food was getting lodged between it and the molar.

The 4 jabs of local anesthetic took quite a while to fully numb my jaw. But it’s still numb now, at 11:05, much like when I last had a filling done by my dentist. I felt no pain during the procedure but it needing a lot of heavy drilling and grappling with metal implements.

All the staff for this procedure were female; 4 of them in total. They were quite chatty and we shared a few jokes. But when it came to the crunch they were all business. And I mean “crunch” literally: the roots were very curved so it had to be split apart.

The news and whatnot can say the NHS is going to hell till the cows come home. My experience of hospitals and dentists has always been friendly staff with good equipment in clean rooms.