Accessibility in HTML WG (30th May 2007)

In the tasks and interests survey, very few respondants mention accessibility:

That’s just 9 mentions out of 74 respondants (12%). There are currently 460 participants, so only 16% of them have responded to this survey. If just 12% of all participants care at all about accessibility, we could have a hard task even keeping accessibility at the HTML4 level for HTML4 features. Let alone improving it and ensuring new features are accessible.

So far, less than 2% of all participants have registered an interest in accessibility.

However, the charter says there will be liasons with the WAI. Accessibility should become better represented as the WG finds its feet. Already the WAI PFWG is looking into headers.

Writing a big specification is a long process. I’ll continue my table accessibility examples and get involved when I’ve got a more complete collection.