Formula Gran Turismo World Champion! (29th April 2007)

This is an event in GT4 which involves 15 races, each of them 300km long. The car I used is basically a generic Formula 1 car from the 2004 season which I won from the Nürburgring Nordschleife 24 Hours event.

An incredibly challenging event which you can only be competitive in after really getting to grips with the game. You also need to have developed sound endurance strategy, particularly with choosing when to pit and how much fuel to take on.

I blew it around Circuit de la Sarthe by running out of fuel in the first sector towards the end of the race. Thankfully you can continue driving without fuel but the top speed is limited to 80km/h. Still finished dead last but at least I finished.

A big highlight was Cote de Azure, which is basically the world-famous Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

I had a tough time in the final race at Suzuka due to some costly trips through the gravel trap and running out of fuel once more. This time I still managed to win by mastering the extremely technical nature of this circuit to run several seconds faster than the AI on my fastest laps. I won the title comfortable, winning every race except Circuit de la Sarthe to give me 141 points.

Game Progress

I’m now at 66.7% completion.

I passed 50% a few weeks ago and earnt the stunning Jaguar XJR-9 Race Car, which raced before the addition of two chicanes down its 6km straight. This version of the circuit is playable in the game and there’s a 24 hour event around it as well as the version with chicanes.

With Cr13,000,000 to my name, I could buy even the most expensive of Le Mans racers. They cost up to Cr4,500,000 and include the gorgeous Bentley EXP 8.