Third Ride of 2007 (5th April 2007)

Just a quick saunter down past the swingbridge to the first wharf. Went over the canal via the bridge the road takes and turned left down a lane which wiggles its way to the canal. It goes over a humpback bridge near a lovely cottage and I carried on to where it crosses the canal again, at the swingbridge. Rode back from there on the towpath.

I left at about 6 o’clock and the midges were out in force. They don’t bite (well, not noticably) but feeling them bounce off my face isn’t such a pleasent experience. Late afternoon is probably the latest you can go out and avoid them.

Still, it was a relaxing ride on the whole and the evening was lovely and warm. Feels like Summer has already started...which I suppose it has, since we are past the equinox and British Summer Time has started!