Second Ride of 2007 (2nd April 2007)

It’s a really sunny day and there’s a gentle wind. After doing some work and having lunch, I thought it would be nice to go for a cycle but didn’t feel motivated to go and do it. But once by bum was on the saddle I was peddling away merrily.

I rode along the towpath for a while before reaching the wharf in Fleet. It was pretty bumpy so I went up the access ramp to the big junction. Got pinned on a traffic island for a while and my bicycle barely fitted between the kerbs. Eventually I got across and merged onto the road, heading towards Fleet Pond.

There’s a steep track through the woods near a reasearch facility between Fleet and Farnborough. Pushing hard on the pedals and leaning far forward, I can just about ride up it in the lowest gear (L1).

On the way down I decided to freewheel without braking. Remember me telling you how steep this track was? I built up a lot of speed on the way down and forgot there’s a bit of a chicane at the bottom. It has camber changes and exposed roots with a crest on the entrance for good measure!

Luckily, my recent addiction to GT4 has refreshed my understanding of racing lines but even so, I felt the front wheel drifting a little as I went over a crest in the first turn.

Very real physical danger is quite a thrill!

On the way back I sprinting off at some traffic lights and kept pace with a Volvo cabriolet for quite a distance. Must have been going nearly 30mph for a couple of hundred metres!

Going for that cycle has really put a smile on my face. Hopefully this blog message will remind me of how great the great outdoors can be.