First Ride of the Year (11th March 2007)

Went cycling along the towpath of Basingstoke Canal with my dad this afternoon. Noticed my bicycle has a pedal which looks trashed and is missing a set of ball bearings but we went anyway. It rode fine but I want to get a replacement set of pedals before I get back into regular riding this season.

We went past the swingbridge and went inland at the next bridge. We detoured along a track which runs through the nearby woods. This was very muddy in places even though there has been lots of sun recently. But we got through it fine, despite being out of practise.

Afterwards I sat on the back of the Velocette while my dad was at the controls. We stopped at a garage to get petrol and the machine was reluctant to start up again. After about 20 minutes (and a couple of chocolate bars) it had cooled down enough to cooperate and we returned home.