Irrepressible: Protest Against Internet Censorship (18th July 2006)

A great initiative from Amnesty International I came across recently aims to combat government censorship of websites in nations like China, Iran and elsewhere. The initiative is called Irrepressible and it allows ordinary people to take action using the Internet in two ways.

Lobby Governments and Companies

Sign the pledge like I and tens of thousands of others have done. Irrepressible say this about the pledge:

“In November 2006, governments and companies from all over the world will attend a UN conference to discuss the future of the Internet. You can help us send a clear message to them that people everywhere believe the Internet should be a force for political freedom, not repression.

“We will present the total number at the conference. The more people who sign up, the louder our voice.”

Undermine Censorship

Add censored content to your website or blog. I’ve done this beneath the main navigation. The censored content is just a sentence or two carefully extracted from a website which has been censored purely because of the political or social opinions it carries.