Myriad Islands Railway 3D Draft v2 (8th February 2006)

A few of hours ago I made the railway draft available. There is now a continuous route from Necrosis clockwise around illCOM all the way to the start of the Black Mesa Tunnel. The route then exits from the tunnel and curves slightly as it slopes down to the tunnel through the illRES crater tunnel. After exiting from this tunnel there is a gentle chicane which brings the railway to the location of the bridge which joins it to the other end of Necrosis.

Hopefully this rough draft will allow everyone to get a much better idea of how the railway route will be. Illspirit has said he will make the sections across illRES and illURB while JasonB will make the sections from Necrosis clockwise to illURB. It should not be too long before the route is finalised. c{:-)