Weekend with Felicity (7th February 2006)

Felicity lives in Farnborough went to the same sixth form college as me but we didn’t know each other back then. We met again during the Job Seeker training course I met Emma on a year and some months ago. We e-mailed each other in Spring 2005 and I stayed at her house a few times, mainly playing computer games with her and chatting.

Well, we e-mailed each other for a while and lost contact while sorting out our domestic and employment situations. We resumed contact a few weeks ago since she had now moved out of home and was renting a room in a shared house. I stayed over at her house last weekend (2006-02-03 to 2006-02-05) and the previous weekend (2006-01-28 to 2006-01-30). We watched movies and talked at great length about all manner of subjects. It’s a great pleasure to spend time with her.