Calthorpe Park School Website (7th December 2005)

My former secondary school already has a website of its own but there is only one member of staff who is able to work on it. He is the Assistant Headteacher and Head of ICT, so he doesn’t really have time to create content, code and generally maintain a professional website.

I have been in discussions with him since 2005-10-11 (the first half of September this year) about helping the school move the site forward. I have been working with him to create a new site design which would not need to be changed for several years. This means a radical rebuild of the site from scratch, right down to renaming files and folders, into which the existing content will be placed.

I have a draft of the new site together and we are in general agreement about the direction it is taking. I am currently converting more of the content from the existing website to the new design in order to get a better feel for how it will perform. There is a great deal of content on the school website, so the information architecture and navigation will need to be made very carefully.