January 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Page Update (29th January 2003)

Uploaded all the handling files for the GTA 3 Handling page finally! LOL, that was something of an oversight! c{¦¬|

Large images will be being uploaded spasmodically over the next couple of days…

Poetry Corner (29th January 2003)

I have uploaded some of my poems over the last year. Quite personal stuff, so viewer disgression is advised.

I am a Moderator (25th January 2003)

I have been asked to be a moderator on GTAForums.com which is a position I have gladly accepted! To those that have come here to be convinced of my qualifications; I have gotten this role through being an active modder in the GTA 1 scene for around 5 years, specialising in mission coding. In the new GTA 3 scene I am widely regarded as the most accomplished handling setter, with nearly 30 user-made cars to my credit.

I also have a bit of a reputation of being reasonable and intelligent. I’m 17 and am English which is why I seem more mature than the 14 year olds on the board…I remember sinning back then just as they do now though. Perspective is important to remember when dealing with different age groups, I reckon.

I hope that stops any doubts you had. c{:-)

Not so Naughty Now! (25th January 2003)

I have added the full downloads to all the cars I have been given permission to…however, I have not cancelled out the download links to the cars that have no full download version uploaded. Somewhen over the next couple of weeks that should be amended some way or another, like linking to the author’s site or similar.

Naughty Puppy (20th January 2003)

Yes, naughty indeed. I have not been updating my website now, have I? I shall have a short bout of uploading full vehicle downloads tonight. c{:¬|

New Car Stat Editor (20th January 2003)

I have been commisioned to make the interface for a new car stat editor planned to support exporting and importing carcols.dat, default.ide, handling.cfg and american.gxt lines for cars to be distributed with, replacing any car with them. This is not on offer at the moment. To try and make my interface different to the other editors I decided that little Public-Information style icons would be a great idea.

Cactus, a mate from the gouranga forums will be doing the file editing code, I am doing all the dynamic form stuff. Exciting stuff!

Page Updates (9th January 2003)

I have added more skeleton tables to the GTA 3 Handling area. That page is still very much under construction, so I gave it a construction site header type graphic, made in paint!

The GTA 2 Multiplayer page has been updated a little too.

GTA 2 Gang War (9th January 2003)

I have declared the preliminary arrangements for a GTA 2 Gang War on GTAForums.com in the GTA 2 > General area. The proposed date is 3 weeks before the Easter holidays. Preliminary ranking matches can be entered by anyone in a gang at those forums by asking in the Roll up, Roll up topic which is pinned in the Public Gang Chat area.

Big Updates (6th January 2003)

The GTA 3 page is slowly becoming populated with all the stuff it used to have. At the moment I am not going to put up any of the following:

What I am doing is putting the 50% sized images, plus all the gubbins required to make it run. Believe me there is more mechanical gubbins than you may think on that page…there is also a hell of a lot of text which has to get copied into the right places! I also intend on re-organising it a little more; you may have noticed I added an In Development section to the page. The cars will probably be ordered alphabetically by author in groups.

I think its the prettiest page on this site, to be honest. c{:-)

Updating Pages (5th January 2003)

You may need to press Ctrl+F5, then F5 again to refresh the pages properly. This is because the external style file I made gets cached by pretty much ALL browsers, and that means the pages do not update and any colour changes do not update either unless you do the monkey versions of the F5 refresh thing. c{:-(

The Dry Run Competition (5th January 2003)

Has taken a little while to sort out. Biggest problem was getting players with good enough connections to play across the world, this being an international competition. The 6 entrants into this practise Dry Run version of the competition have only been totally confirmed today.

Host Move Complete! (4th January 2003)

If you are reading this then you are at my new host! This means that there will be a period of considerable uncertainty as the site gets back up to speed. I will probably put in my sig at GTAForums.com when the site is really ready to be used again. c{8-B

New Page (2nd January 2003)

Yep, made a new page, it is a tutorial on GTA 2 multiplayer.

I should be moving host soon, so I am going to try and snazz up all the pages using CSS style sheets. I use notepad for my site you see!