Cycled for over 2 Hours (26th June 2010)

In the evening I went out, riding various tracks on the summit and surroundings of Beacon Hill. Was out from 6:30pm to about 8:40pm! Saw lots of slopes, tracks and erosion patterns which I could use in the desert location for Jailbreak. Also saw several hot air balloons.

Played around the dry ditch near Basingborne Park, then rode past The Verne and all the way along Sandy Lane. Turned right at the roundabout for the long approach to Beacon Hill and took the first major fire track on the left.

Noticed a lot of smoke ahead, so turned right through woodland. Ended up on a parallel track, which I had exited the woodland from last time.

Lots of fun tracks and a cool but very difficult parabola-shaped erosion channel on the side of a sandy hillock.

  1. Stalled
  2. Fell. (Nearly saved it then bailed to avoid injury in a spectacular way!)
  3. Mudguard came off.
  4. Nailed it perfectly.

Took some long, fast downhills and got quite chilled. Had gone out in just some shorts and trainers in order to catch some Sun. Felt thoroughly exercised with no aches or pains…plus quite a considerable appetite!

Further Information

Made a lot of short notes while I rode. Decided not to add them here because every one of them could do with being expanded on. Would take ages.

Had driven to pick up my sister, had Father’s Day, then took her back before going out for this ride.