Family Pizza then Cycled to Beacon Hill (30th May 2010)

  1. Dad has made new doors to the garage.
  2. I oiled my bicycle.
  3. Drove to pizza place and got brought a take-away back home for mum, dad and I.
  4. Let it settle and got changed into scruffy clothes.
  5. Took bicycle out and tyres felt a bit squishy.
  6. Started riding it down the driveway and they looked very soft.
  7. Checked pressures and they were barely 25psi.
  8. Inflated them both to a little over 50psi, as their range is 45–65psi.
  9. Left at about 7:15pm.
  10. Explored lots of totally new routes, finding little reservoirs and technical tracks.
  11. Saw a heron in the shallows of the reservoir, possibly the heron from Basingstoke Canal?
  12. Went to the top of Beacon Hill, which is hard work but an awesome view!
  13. Saw lots of rabbits, including a fairly tame black one which I imagine is an escaped pet.
  14. Came back parallel to the main road, which leads to an extremely big, steep but seemingly resurfaced track which I hurtled down!
  15. Saw a deer which sauntered off after I chatted to it for a few seconds.
  16. This goes around a turn and quickly gives way to older track and then unsurfaced ruts, so I had to react fast and brake hard!
  17. Got back at about 9:45pm!
  18. Felt great, showered, then straight to bed for an easy sleep.
  19. Bank Holiday tomorrow and another day off work after that. Lovely.