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35 Miles with Fleet Cycling (25th October 2015)

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.) Responsive Design Showcase (13th October 2015)

Has been running a long time and I avidly follow the Media Queries showcase via Sage in Firefox. A curated collection of the best multi-platform design, with new additions most weeks.

This particular example was featured by them some time ago. I just rediscovered it during my idle time today.

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Let Links Be Links from A List Apart (13th October 2015)

Relevant and correct! ALA has been getting back on track this year, in my view.

Read their full article about JavaScript (especially frameworks) damaging the web platform: Let Links Be Links.

See also: The web platform is slow on W3C Memes.

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Long Cold (6th October 2015)

Started today, possible after exposure to wet and cold conditions after my blood donation yesterday.

It continued for about 2 weeks. Still a bit sniffly on Sunday 18th November 2015.

Hilly Cycle with CTC (27th September 2015)

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.)

Joined CTC for 5 Years (23rd September 2015)

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50 Mile Cycle with CTC (20th September 2015)

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.)

On Blackheath Festival (13th September 2015)

Lots of bands at this festival, as well as plenty of food stands and even a kid’s playground zone.

Met a couple of groups of Fiona’s friends.

Conditions got pretty windy but standing in the huge crowd provided shelter. It was a great atmosphere and I’m glad to have done a festival this Summer. It was a belated birthday present from Fiona!

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.)

Tumbleweed 2 (1st September 2015)

Way, way back in Tumbleweed from May 2014 I mentioned adding a lot more blog entries. They were half-finished or just placeholders.

That entry was never published or got removed during to an apparently automated attack on the server by a spamming botnet. My apologies for this unannounced haitus of more than a year!

Today I’ve done a lot more placeholders. Many more entries are to follow.

The big news is that I’m moving home! Will be sharing a lush apartment on the 26th floor of a residential tower for the next 3–6 months.

Stages of a GTA5 Creation (28th August 2015)

First build of a track can be fast, maybe 1 hour. You never publish the first version. You test with multiple standard cars. Always find something to improve. A sight line, a prop angle, CP early or late. Pit lane or Joker signs to be clearer.

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