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Space for Cycling (17th May 2014)

A parade of cyclists from all walks of life, riding every type of bicycle. All to promote the fun of riding and encourage local borough councils to provide safer cycling routes.

We arrived 15 minutes late but it didn’t matter. There was such a strong turnout that participants were being released in large batches, with the rest held while the route ahead cleared. Largely – perhaps entirely – operated by volunteers!

I managed to snap a couple of photos whilst stationary. Including one outside Parliament!

Little Green Ride (17th May 2014)

Having followed the Central London Cyclist Touring Club blog for some months, I started looking at the list of rides for May 2014.

We saw the Little Green Ride was in the gentle and scenic 1-star category. It passes through rural Hertfordshire, Fiona’s home county and remiscent of my own Hampshire. Although it would be about 30 miles, we simply had to try it!

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Spring Frisbee (13th April 2014)

First day we went to Wrey Crescent this year and played in the sunshine. It was hot by recent standards and felt just right.

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Start Freelancing…How? (1th March 2014)

The very first things to know about working for yourself in the web industry.

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Haircut 19 (14th January 2014)

Quite a while since my my previous haircut in May last year! Meant to get another in October 2013 but other commitments prevented that.

It was really long and busy, Led Zeppelin style. Quite liked it but was a bit too insulating when going indoors after cycling.

Now it’s very short and textured the same way. Should grow out the same as before so I might get it thinned out in Spring.

Cycling Crash on Ice (14th January 2014)

On my way to getting my hair cut I lost the front end on an off-camber bend at a junction. Wasn’t going fast and the road surface looked fine so I reckon it was black ice. There was lots of it on the road leading up to the shops, by which time I was walking.

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22nd Blood Donation (1st January 2014)

You’ve punctured a major artery in my arm. Blood is pouring out. Yet all I have to do is hold a patch of cotton on it for 3 minutes and hey presto! It’s all fine.

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Xmas with Family (24th December 2013)

A lovely change of pace, with lots of shared meals and TV time.

48th Scalextric Club (16th December 2013)

Today we remember passed members in the Memorial Trophy event at the London Scalextric Club.

We race a set of six Lotus Elise prepared much like the Rally & Touring Car class. These are repaired and refurbished club cars used over the past few years.

I love these cars! The handle very flat and they slide before tipping out. Coupled with modest motors, they are wonderfully forgiving of newcomers but still reward for expert drivers with slightly faster times.

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£75 Full Service for Secteur at Hadron Cycles (14th December 2013)

Just dropped my bicycle into Hadron as they are doing full services for £75.

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