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Tumbleweed 2 (1st September 2015)

Way, way back in Tumbleweed from May 2014 I mentioned adding a lot more blog entries. They were half-finished or just placeholders.

That entry was never published or got removed during to an apparently automated attack on the server by a spamming botnet. My apologies for this unannounced haitus of more than a year!

Today I’ve done a lot more placeholders. Many more entries are to follow.

The big news is that I’m moving home! Will be sharing a lush apartment on the 26th floor of a residential tower for the next 3–6 months.

Stages of a GTA5 Creation (28th August 2015)

First build of a track can be fast, maybe 1 hour. You never publish the first version. You test with multiple standard cars. Always find something to improve. A sight line, a prop angle, CP early or late. Pit lane or Joker signs to be clearer.

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2 Star CTC Ride (15th August 2015)

Delicious lunch with a half pint of orange juice and generous Ploughman’s Lunch.

Over 30 miles of cycling with over 900m of climbing! Double arrow gradients in a couple of places on the Ordnance Survey map. Hardest climbing and longest descending I’ve ever done. Very hard but the sense of achievement was immense.

(More to follow.)

Constellations at Trafalgar Studios (23rd July 2015)

Saw this as a triple date with a pair of Fiona’s friends. (Plus their other halves.)

(More to follow.)

New Light Bulbs & Tubes (21st July 2015)

REW Electrical Wholesalers on Holloway Road. A little shop just before cinema. Now closed! Went quite far up towards Archway to use a little place called Sparks.

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W3C Memes (20th July 2015)

“We’re only using one framework…and a couple of libraries.”

From the brilliant and now long-standing W3C Memes.

Lambeth Country Show (18th July 2015)

(More to follow.)

Birthday Dinner (15th July 2015)

Had a delicious rib-eye steak with chimmi-churri, an Argentine oil with finely chopped peppers and other savoury flavours in it. This was at North Nineteen, which we hadn’t been to for a long time but always remember for being great.

(More to follow.)

Alexei Sayle Cycles (7th July 2015)

Excellent performance during The Now Show on BBC Radio 4 this week. He has been a regular cyclist in London since the 1970’s and that features heavily in the second half of his set.

Whitstable & Margate (5th July 2015)

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.)