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Nasty Tennis Fall (2nd July 2016)

Mud had built up on the tennis court behind Fiona’s again. We played gently with a friend. I slipped while turning to chase a ball and went sprawling across the ground. Had to throw a hand out and deeply grazed the palm. Various other scrapes and a bump on my hip.

Called the person named on the noticeboard. Their number had changed. So I noted that down and called it. They were in the process of moving and didn’t want to talk. Managed to exchange a few sentences and they agreed “to get someone to put something up”.

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Arty Weekend in Brockley (2nd July 2016)

Open house and studio weekend near Fiona’s place. We walked a lot in the area NE of Hilly Fields. We saw lots of different types of art.

Rounded off with a lovely dinner at The Gantry. We were seated in the bar area as it was fully booked; they served the same food. It was delicious! Moderately expensive but worth it, I’d say.

31st Birthday (27th June 2016)

Had a wonderful lunch in Fleet at the Queen’s Head, just in the next village. There’s only about 1 field between that village and my hometown now. Such has been the increase in housing development out there.

Mountain bicycle puncture repair from last time had held up. Park Tool Super Patches were struggling with the very large volume inner tune. It stretches so much when inflated, to fill the very large tyres, it just kept peeling off. I half inflated it to try the final patch, then deflated slightly to fit the tyre and half inflated again. ¾ inflated for the ride and it held up fine. Finally!

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Thames Bridges Cycle for Stroke (26th June 2016)

Read all about the Thames Bridges Bike Ride.

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Campfire Club (10th June 2016)

Campfire Club is in Burgess Park and we attended.

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Haircut ?? (2nd June 2016)

Previous documented one was Haircut 20 in February 2015.

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Spin Cycle Show in London (22nd May 2016)

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Strange & Familiar at The Barbican (11th May 2016)

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Design at Somerset House (29th April 2016)

Design exhibition. We went to the Cortauld Gallery afterwards for some coffee and cake.

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Cycle Revolution at Design Museum (17th April 2016)

Under £10 to get in and got to see the Lotus 108 time trial machine. It’s like the Formula 1 of bicycles, from the early 1990’s.

Before entering the Design Museum we had a delicious lunch and dessert looking over the Thames. There was live piano playing, much like a cruise ship. It was called Browns Butlers Wharf. About £20 a head with sharing a half litre of cider.

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