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The Website Obesity Crisis (13th February 2016)

Video from Maciej Ceglowski. A title I already agreed with but it seemed a bit incendiary to watch during dinner. After leaving it in the background for well over a month (see also: Page Parking on Alertbox) I finally dragged it onto my larger screen and watched it over my first stir fry in N1.

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Comedy at the Apollo (25th January 2016)

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Essex Hills 2* Ride (24st January 2016)

This was the first Central London CTC Ride led by Mick O’Rourke. We’d met a few times before so I was looking forwards to what he had in store for us.

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Following the Mimram 2* Ride (31st January 2016)

This was a Central London CTC Ride led by Richard Philpott.

  1. I missed the start as Essex Road don’t allow bicycles.
  2. This is why the ride advertised the train from further up at Finsbury Park.
  3. Potters Bar was the destination – I arrived about an hour behind.
  4. Made my own way to the lunch stop.
  5. Arrived just 5 minutes before the group!
  6. 9 of us in total.
  7. There had been a couple of punctures due to wet weather washing up the little countryside stones.
  8. Really enjoyed the chilli con carne with warm garlic bread and a crisp side salad.
  9. Just what I needed!
  10. My coffee came with a sweet little dome-shaped biscuit thing.

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Half a 3* Ride (9th November 2015)

This was another Central London CTC Ride. It started just 3 miles East from Fiona’s new place so I persuaded her that we had to go.

We missed the start! We managed to join in later on, though.

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35 Miles with Fleet Cycling (25th October 2015)

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Let Links Be Links from A List Apart (13th October 2015)

Relevant and correct! ALA has been getting back on track this year, in my view.

Read their full article about JavaScript (especially frameworks) damaging the web platform: Let Links Be Links.

See also: The web platform is slow on W3C Memes.

More: Let Links Be Links from A List Apart Responsive Design Showcase (13th October 2015)

Has been running a long time and I avidly follow the Media Queries showcase via Sage in Firefox. A curated collection of the best multi-platform design, with new additions most weeks.

This particular example was featured by them some time ago. I just rediscovered it during my idle time today.

More: Responsive Design Showcase

Long Cold (6th October 2015)

Started today, possible after exposure to wet and cold conditions after my blood donation yesterday.

It continued for about 2 weeks. Still a bit sniffly on Sunday 18th November 2015.

Hilly Cycle with CTC (27th September 2015)

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(Photos to follow.)