Jailbreak Idea for GTA2 (13th June 2010)

Players must escape across the border from a maximum-security prison in an American desert. Just an idea for now. The more I scribbled ideas and plans for it while watching Le Mans 24 Hours, the more I wanted to make it!

There’s an island prison in the South-West of Residential District (2nd level, uses the ste.* files). Being arrested, becoming an inmate, then starting a riot to escape it is a memorable single-player mission. Could that be translated to multiplayer?

Jailbreak Preview is my exploration of this, with help from other modders.

General Sequence of Stages

  1. Prison cells (start point and respawn points).
  2. Police armoury to get weapons.
  3. Areas for exercise, eating and entertainment.
  4. Breach inner walls.
  5. Army garrison is alerted.
  6. Breach outer walls via controls in army garrison.
  7. Police, FBI and Army at outer gates.
  8. Desert roads towards border with FBI wanted level of 5, high and low routes.
  9. Desert café, maybe an old mining village.
  10. Heavily defended border gates.
  11. Safehouse with all players together ends the level.


Will Probably use ste.sty textures for the Redneck area (shown below) and Prison (shown above):


Further Research