Returned from TPAC (27th October 2008)

Wow, what an experience! Basically, I’ve spent Saturday and Sunday winding down from the amazing TPAC 2008, which I’d attended during the week.

Now it’s Monday morning and I’m straight back to the grindstone! Cross-browser CSS fixes over breakfast…yay.

Record of Proceedings

All the meetings were minuted. Those records will be tricking onto as they get reviewed, approved and tidied up.


My notepad took a hammering during the event. I’ve got 18 pages of personal notes and 43 pages from meetings! My notes only capture things which interested me. A couple of people asked to see what those things are and I’d like to document them publicly.

2 pages of notes came from a meeting between Hixie and I. These will improve my research for this year as I merge in his advice about what’s useful for the development of HTML5. Looks like the work will be giving more advice than I expected.

A few things I’ve decided not to blog:

All the notes will live in a ring binder for posterity, so the information isn’t lost.