Christmas Report (25th December 2004)

I spent Christmas at home with my family, including my sister. It was actually a really excellent day, no arguments and everyone in good spirits. There were more presents than I can ever remember us having before, so I think I had better put a little itinerary of what I got here:

Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire
Music album from my girlfriend, Emma.
Radiohead: Kid A
Music album from my girlfriend, Emma.
Radiohead: Pablo Honey
Music album from my sister, Zoe.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own
Music album from my mum’s guinea pigs.
Milk Chocolate Money
From parents.
Dark Chocolate Orange
From parents.
Coin Wallet
From parents as my current wallet does not have a big enough pocket for coins.
Money from parents.
Money from grandfather (mother’s side) which was totally unexpected. Must go visit him soon.
Dinner Tray
A very useful gift from my grandmother (father’s side).

I wrote cards and sent presents to quite a lot of people, too. I got a bathrobe for Emma, a music album for Zoe, sketch pencils for Mum, car fresheners for Dad and chocolates from them both to share. There was other stuff as well.