December 2004 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Second Website Help (25th December 2004)

I made great progress working on Scot’s site whilst at Emma’s house. I will be uploading it and letting him review what I have done…so fingers crossed!

Christmas Report (25th December 2004)

I spent Christmas at home with my family, including my sister. It was actually a really excellent day, no arguments and everyone in good spirits. There were more presents than I can ever remember us having before, so I think I had better put a little itinerary of what I got here:

Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire
Music album from my girlfriend, Emma.
Radiohead: Kid A
Music album from my girlfriend, Emma.
Radiohead: Pablo Honey
Music album from my sister, Zoe.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own
Music album from my mum’s guinea pigs.
Milk Chocolate Money
From parents.
Dark Chocolate Orange
From parents.
Coin Wallet
From parents as my current wallet does not have a big enough pocket for coins.
Money from parents.
Money from grandfather (mother’s side) which was totally unexpected. Must go visit him soon.
Dinner Tray
A very useful gift from my grandmother (father’s side).

I wrote cards and sent presents to quite a lot of people, too. I got a bathrobe for Emma, a music album for Zoe, sketch pencils for Mum, car fresheners for Dad and chocolates from them both to share. There was other stuff as well.

TextStudio (21st December 2004)

I have been working on a text editor for use with Project Cerbera but I am making it flexible and conventional enough to be used by anyone. It is one of the oh-so-common NotePad replacements which uses a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) but TextStudio has some powerful functions. Multiline find and replace which can be applied across one, several or all open files, the ability to open all files within a folder (and its subfolders) using a list of filters specified by the user, plus all the forms are resizable like FireFox.

It will also have all the conventional functions using Microsoft keyboard shortcuts, so you can start using it as normal before you explore the extra features.

Curveshire 0.01 Released (21st December 2004)

Yes, we have finally made it public! Curveshire has been in development since March 2003 and has received contributions from several modifiers. The current release is more of a public beta but it will not crash. You can get it from the Curveshire for GTA 3 page.

Full Website Update (21st December 2004)

Over the past couple of weeks I have been refining the site even more by shortening the page titles, interlinking related documents and updating old information.

I have also made several minor revisions to all the programs in the Apps Section. Mainly technical revisions like using a more accurate method for resizing but also things like making messageboxes more descriptive and changing keyboard shortcuts.

Helping Second Website (6th December 2004)

Whilst on my training course I met a man called Scot who had started to make a website but has not had time to learn HTML to a really high level. I offered to re-code what he had done to see if I could make the whole website for him, to which he agreed and I have already done most of the recoding.

Scot has a recording studio in his back garden and uses it with friends to create semi-professional music and mixes. Some of his work has been used by Channel 4 so I think it will be good for my career prospects to have an affiliation with him.

Helped First Website! (6th December 2004)

I finished recoding and he was really pleased with it. He is having to split the XHTML version into the segments assembled by the PHP scripts which run his site. Last time I checked, the homepage had been completed.