Ping-Pong then North Nineteen (8th October 2014)

Short test ride to Wrey Crescent see if putting Secteur’s original tyres on Blackbird made it roll faster for Fiona. Results inconclusive after such a short ride. Everything working fine but the front brake is a bit squeakier than before.

Took the ping pong bats for a knock-about. Ended up playing a 3×15 point match which Fiona narrowly won!

Parked the bicycles back at the flat and carried on to North Nineteen, where I had the delicious Surf & Turf while Fiona had the Haddock with salsa and crushed roast potatoes.

We accompanied this with a small glass of red each, followed by a toffe apple cake and a chocolate ginger cake.

Small glass of port each to finish up a splendid evening.

We also played a few rounds of dominos while at the table!