46th Scalextric Club (5th November 2013)

One of my favourite classes, Rally & Touring Cars, take to the track at London Scalextric Club tonight.

It was a good turn-out so we used all 6 lanes and ran for 2.5 minutes each race.

Green Lane

Seemed to be lacking power.

Fastest Lap 11.39s
Laps: 12.05
Position: 5th
Crashes 0!

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 10.21s
Laps: 13.75
Position: 6th
Crashes 1

White Lane

Felt like I had no control.

Fastest Lap 10.34s
Laps: 12.90
Position: 6th
Crashes 2?

Blue Lane

Better but still poor control.

Fastest Lap 9.75s
Laps: 14.05
Position: 5th
Crashes 0?

Yellow Lane

Felt great at the start but thr slightest inaccuracy and I would crash.

Fastest Lap 9.93s
Laps: 13.65
Position: 4th
Crashes 3?

Red Lane

Lesser braking force helped control. Still tough and can’t push. Lots of performance can’t be accessed. At least I didn’t crash and got my best result of the night.

Fastest Lap 9.53s
Laps: 14.15
Position: 6th
Crashes 0!


Throttle was sticking. Retired from 1st round.