36th Scalextric Club (2nd July 2013)

Touring Cars were trading paint at the London Scalextric Club tonight. Rubbing is racing in this class!

Used my BMW as usual.

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 9.85s
Laps: 22.95
Position: 3rd
Crashes 1

White Lane

Only crash is good for me but I made it a bad one! Took out Bob but I waited for him to rejoin and pass me.

Fastest Lap 9.56s
Laps: 23.35
Position: 3rd
Crashes 1

Blue Lane

Close racing with Bob again. A slow marshall dropped me to 3rd although it’s really my fault for crashing. Still caught and passed Bob making it a dramatic race!

Fastest Lap 9.57s
Laps: 23.45
Position: 2nd
Crashes 2

Yellow Lane

All my crashes were big spin-outs and each was at a different corner. Just didn’t have the control. Threwing caution to the wind to find where the limit was.

Fastest Lap 9.60s
Laps: 23.35
Position: 4th
Crashes 4


Started on Blue lane.

Wiped out Rino going into the 180° loop before the long straight! Waited in 3rd. Leader Bob crashed and blocked track. Rino bounced off and I bounced off Rino. I got put on last and narrowly finished behind Bob at the end.

Two more corners is all I needed!


Terry will bring in a couple for me to try.

Terry suggested the software on Tony’s controller might be making it super sensitive.

Steve will lend me his electronic thumb controller. He’s making some budget versions of it for club members which I'm considering as it's the one thing you use with every car.

My BMW runs well. Tyres have a couple of gouged lines. Possibly from the tyres hitting the wheelarches while carrying it around.

Using a blue club controller made it easier to control. Should have picked the smoother one, though. The blue ones are 40ohm while the orange one is 45ohm.