29th Scalextric Club (9th April 2013)

Classic and Can-Am were whizzing around the London Scalextric Club tonight.

Steve lends me a very neat little Gulf prototype, possibly a 1970’s short tail Porsche? It has a small black Ninco motor IIRC.

We did 3 minute races and ran 5 of the 6 lanes.

White Lane

Just squeaked 3rd place despite 3 crashes. Typically action-packed first race.

Fastest Lap 9.17s
Laps: 18.85
Position: 3rd!
Crashes 3!

Blue Lane

There was a pile-up on the main straight towards the end of the race!

Fastest Lap 9.56s
Laps: 18.15
Position: Not sure
Crashes 0!

Yellow Lane

Rino crashed 3 times but his first one was my fault. He finished 3rd.

Fastest Lap 9.43s
Laps: 18.35
Position: 2nd
Crashes 0!

Red Lane

Fastest Lap 9.63s
Next Fastest Lap 9.64s!
Laps: 17.05
Position: 4th
Crashes A small one

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 9.42s
Laps: 18.35
Position: 2nd
Crashes 0!