28th Scalextric Club (2nd April 2013)

NASCAR roars into life at the London Scalextric Club tonight! My favourite class as everyone uses the same cars one the same lanes. A true test of driving skill. We were a bit short on people tonight as it’s not part of the championship. So we have 3 drivers on at a time, with 1 clear between each of them. They do a 2.5 minute race then shift over by a lane for the next race. The next drivers go on after that.

Testing my BMW GTR Racing, upgraded by Terry

Last week, Terry had swapped the motor for the best one the chassis (and the rules) allow. He’d also adjusted the gearing but after a few runs it started sounding unhappy. He identified there was a meshing issue with the gears and suspected the pinion may have shifted.

This evening I noticed my only contemporary slot car ready on my usual table. I helped build the track and eagerly took it for a spin.

It really shifts! The gearing is very sharp now and I was struggling to control the wheelspin on the cold plastic. Even though the track is now fully painted, the cold reduces the grip considerably.

After several laps, the car and I were getting faster. A combination of me warming up, the car warming up and the tyres clearing the track. I wiped them off and ran it some more, it kept getting better.

Ran in a few more lanes and really like the performance. Next step is to make it turn like the pro cars do!

Green Lane

Horrible car on the worst lane! At least it’s out the way early. Leader got 14.30 laps.

Fastest Lap Not sure
Laps: 12
Position: Probably last!
Crashes Not sure

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap Not sure
Laps: Not sure
Position: 2nd
Crashes Not sure

White Lane

My fastest lap of the evening and a decent distance, using the best car on the best track.

Fastest Lap 9.99s!
Laps: 14.35
Position: Not sure
Crashes Not sure

Unknown Lane

A pair of crashes cost me the chance of a good distance.

Fastest Lap 10.23s
Laps: 13.80
Position: Not sure
Crashes 2

Yellow Lane

Fastest Lap 10.19s
Laps: 14
Position: Not sure
Crashes Not sure

Red Lane

Gave away a very close 2nd due to crashing! The guy who beat me crashed twice but if I’d just kept it on, I might have just stayed ahead. D’oh!

Fastest Lap 10.60s
Laps: 13.60
Position: 3rd
Crashes 1