Office Xmas Party (20th December 2009)

(The below was written on 25th February 2010 but refers to events in the latter half of December 2009.)

Xmas Lunch

Initially I had declined the electronic invitation because the menu looked way to fancy for me. When the organisers queried me, I explained my plebian tastes and they felt the restaurant could sort something out for me.

So I requested a steak or a roast dinner, humbly joking that I hope it wouldn’t be too far below the restaurant’s chefs!

Lo and behold, on the day I was served with steak. Since the event I have discovered it was almost certainly Fillet Steak. As my dad described it: “That’s the best kind, very fancy.” It was my first time having it, so I just thought it was a series of small, neat cuts of carefully cooked Sirlion.

After the dinner we opened the Secret Santa presents. My gift was to one of the IT Support team, so I bought him a pair of the lovable Linux mascots: Tux the Penguin. Another gift contender was a badge, which read: “I’ll try to be nicer if you try to be smarter.”

After eating there was mingling and chatting. I managed to mingle and chat a little. Not a great deal, really, even after a few glasses of rather lovely red wine.

Xmas Party

After the lunch we walked down the road to the party. There was little or no music when we arrived but they soon got it going. No tunes I recognised…maybe it was some sort of “Modern Drunkard“” Background Mix”.

Started chatting more, including people from other departments of the company. Considered leaving several times but instead decided to drink more and the event seemed more fun. (This appears to be by design, afaict.)

At the end of the night I mutually staggered to King’s Cross Station with a colleague. We went our separate ways, myself taking the Northern Line to Euston. Spent some time walking back and forth between the same two stations which I didn’t want. Eventually realised I had to walk along the platform to connect to the station I did want. After that it was plain sailing.

Once I got back FLE, I decided to walk home instead of drive. Next time I’ll take a cab or a bus. Must’ve been over an hour’s walk!

This socialising stuff is more fun when I worry less and take more risks. Maybe I should embrace risk more? Focus on the chance of this success. Remember the history of things which have gone right for me.