London Job Offer! (20th July 2009)

Looks like my honesty at the previous interview paid off. They have officially offered me the job!

Not sure if I will take it. Commuting 1.5 hours every Monday to Friday during rushhour will be super lame. The money looks like being about double over a whole year what I make freelancing. But it’s at half the hourly rate.

Then again, being able to tell people “I’m a website developer who works in London” has gotta be worth something? c{;¬P

Offer Accepted! (23rd July 2009)

After checking my freelancing options and talking with friends and family, I’m gonna take the plunge. Fortune favours the brave, as they say.

The money looks like being woefully low when combined with the time and discomfort of commuting 3 hours a day. Especially when compared to the 10m commute I’ve grown used to while working from home.

However, I do miss getting out into the big wide world. This will, hopefully, be a valuable life experience as well as a professional one.

How exciting!