WaSP IA (27th February 2009)

(In reply to Translations […] on the Web Standards Project’s blog.)


The blog entry URL ends with translations-articles while the translations page ends with articles-translations. Articles, reviews, tutorials and blog entries are present on that page, so the articles portion is inaccurate.

Since the domain is webstandards.org, the web-standards portion is repetitive.

Therefore, I suggest http://webstandards.org/translations.

Browsing Translations

There is an e-mail link for the ILG on the translation page but no link to the ILG’s web page.

When I visited the Action area I couldn't find the link because the list looks like content rather than navigation. (Try a quick squint test on it.) I suggest using <dl> so that the name of each group appears on the left-hand side of a line by itself, which the corresponding description below. (F-shaped reading pattern.)

The ILG page starts with a list of links to the things they do, in which it was easy to find an existing Translations area. From there I found the list of Japanese translations. But the translation for Just Ask: integrating accessibility throughout design mentioned by the new page does not feature in this category.

That list is part of the /buzz/ area rather than part of the /action/ilg/ area, which I find confusing. I was expecting /action/ilg/translations/ja/ or similar.


After this voyage through the information architecture of WaSP, I find it difficult to construct a mental model of how the translations are organised. I’m not sure what to suggest.

Perhaps /translations should redirect to the ILG Translations page. Then all translations approved by WaSP ILG would be linked to in one place, under the corresponding language.