HTML5 Research Midpoint (19th August 2008)

On 1st September 2008 I’ll reach the midpoint of my research. My progress gets reviewed and a 2nd payment is made, hopefully.

A little in advance of this, I’ve published my progress so far and notified:

Now I’ll e-mail some relevant Mozilla Foundation people:

Then I’ll log into Mozilla’s #accessibility channel and see what happens next.

21st August 2008

Marco has helped me draft an interim report. Aaron Leventhal also gave some review and help. He’s basically the 2nd mentor for this project. My funding proposal now reflects this and is integrated into the site’s templates.

The collection has had some updates:

22nd August 2008

This Week in HTML5 focuses on revisions to the HTML5 specification. So, naturally, Episode 3 doesn’t mention my progress. After discussing this on the #whatwg IRC channel, I wrote a comment