Cycled with Warren (5th August 2008)

Warren Brand is the Head of ICT at Calthorpe Park School, where I’m the Webmaster. We work together to provide the website:

Today he had the finalised version of the school calendar for 2008-2009. This document is a huge production each year considering the size of the school (about 1,000 students). So getting the final version online in advance of the new school year had turned into quite a mission.

He was going to cycle over and give the calendar to me. It was a lovely day so I suggested we go cycling together, which we’d talked about some months earlier. He recalled this and agree, so we planned an initial time. This turned out to be impossible due to his family commitments. After several reschedulings, we met up at my home and rode out at about 7:30pm.

To cut a long story short, he’s a hell of a lot faster than me. Still, he appreciated the company and I got a much harder workout than if I’d been riding alone.