Attending HTMLWG Meeting (26th August 2008)

Today my plans to attend the W3C TPAC 2008 solidified. Mozilla Foundation look like they’ll sponsor my travel and accomodation. After some confusion it looks like only single rooms are now available.

At the official hotel, anyway. Anne van Kesteren mentioned he stayed at a different hotel for substantially less. I ran this past Sean Medero and he liked the idea of paying less money (well, who wouldn’t?).

There are hundreds of hotels in the area. So I guess my answer to the registration question about hotels (restricted access) will be that I’ll stay elsewhere. My embryonic plan is to arrive Wednesday 22nd (afternoon?) and leave on Friday 25th (evening/night), flights permitting.

This will only work out if I can tag along with Shawn Medero (aka smedero) and Geoffrey Sneddon (aka gsnedders). Navigating around the real world genuine scares me. Gijs Kruitbosch was essential to me not getting lost at Sight City Along with being a nice guy to hang around with.

It looks like Ian Hickson might go after all. I suggested we could run through 2008 collection in person:

I would apply what we decide during November 2008.

Ian was keen on that, if he does go.

5th September 2008

The hotel has 2 rooms available from Sunday 19th October 2008 to Saturday 25th October 2008! This means I can have a room to myself for the whole event while Geoffery and Shawn share one.

The hotel are sending a confirmation thingy for me to finalise the booking.