23rd Birthday (27th June 2008)

This morning mum gave me a birthday card, which reads:

He’s the one who
has shown you
the meaning of joy
Right from the moment
they said,
“It’s a boy!”

He’s the dreamer
with visions
and plans
all his own,
Reaching for stars,
and too-suddenly grown…

He’s the man
you admire,
whose wonderful ways
Keep adding
new meaning
and love to your days…

He’s all of these
in one…

The someone
you’ve always
been proud
to call “Son.”

Your’re loved
very much, Son,
and you always will be.

My parents r teh pwn at selecting a greetings card. c{:¬)

That evening we cycled along the towpath to the wharf, out past the village. I crossed the canal over the humpback bridge whilst my parents stayed on the towpath. I whizzed along the lane which the bridge carries, then up the long hill towards the junction.

Rode gently along the road to the bridge by the wharf, meeting them there. This detour is a lot further than I remembered!

28th June 2008

Went to the Wyvern for lunch with my parents along with Zoe and Sarah. They came back to the house for a while, where I opened the remaining cards and presents. I’d put together a wishlist of CDs and, to my surprise, received all 4 of them!

Several weeks ago I saw a spellbinding – and completely unexpected – set from Portishead on Current TV. Pretty sure I’d seen music videos and the occassional radio airing of them during the 1990’s and liked their style.

That surprising performance on Current is what captured my imagination and convinced me this band deserved several places in my collection. Only music that really moves me gets into it. Which is also why In Rainbows got on my wishlist the moment I realised it existed.

So far I’ve listened to In Rainbows a few times through whilst doing the Seattle 100 Miles endurance race in Gran Turismo with the Gillet Vertigo and then the Panoz Esperate GT-R. Think I’ll experience Third tonight,. That’s what the Portishead set was based on, afaict.