CFG Studio 2 (29th December 2006)

I’ve spent nearly all of today working on CFG Studio 2. Managed to make a lot of progress. If I can keep this going through tomorrow I’ll make an updated beta release on 31st December. My aim was to make another release before 2007 so it looks like I’ll make it.

One thing I found is that the Microsoft Common Controls 5.0 inherit a lot of XP theming than the 6.0 controls! Unfortunately the 5.0 controls lack a few of the ‘nice to have’ features. But getting curious niche applications like CFG Studio 2 to look and behave more conventionally is a big plus for usability.

Here’s a before picture, using the 6.0 controls in Windows XP:

Here’s an after picture, using the 5.0 controls in Windows XP Media Edition 2002:

I’ve also started making the Values Adjuster feature I’ve been thinking about for a long time:

There’s a lot of backend refinement, more edit capabilities and other improvements for this release. Should be yet more to look forward to during 2007.