August 2005 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Storm of the Century! (31st August 2005)

I have just watched the best thunderstorm I can remember! For about an hour there was thunder, lightning and rain. Here in the UK we get very boring weather, despite what we tell all the tourists, so this was a rather exciting change.

Sorry about the staggering lack of updates this month. I’ve been spending all my time actually making programs and doing research instead of writing stuff for the site. I’ll try and get the updates a bit more regular next month.

GTA San Andreas Projects (4th August 2005)

I have just about finished all the experiments and collected all the data required for the first proper version of my GTA San Andreas Handling: Acceleration tutorial. I need to convert the graphs into Web images, write up what I did for each experiment and what conclusions can be drawn. At the moment I am more confident that I can get good enough acceleration to justify making a Handling Overhaul modification for GTA San Andreas, replacing all the vehicle handling with more realistic settings.

If you didn’t know already, I have done this for previous editions as well:

I will probably post it into the GTAForums in the tutorials section, as well as on this site.

Project Cerbera Updates (4th August 2005)

The printable edition of pages which I said was implemented at the end of last month did not work correctly for some pages. I have fixed many of the problems but if you find anything else wrong with printed pages from the site, try pressing Ctrl+F5 to completely refresh the page and all the associated files. If the page still has errors, please use my simplified contact page to let me know. Be as specific as possible so I can fix it quickly.

SiteSurgeon Updates (4th August 2005)

The reason there have been few updates around here lately is due to my company’s website taking the focus of my attention. SiteSurgeon is the name and it’s slowly coming together.

A few leads for potential customers have started trickling my way recently, so I am drafting some e-mail and postal letters to send around to them.