MTAVC Moderating (20th February 2005)

Ransom created a staff guidelines thread which I re-formatted and neatened up. IJs changed the subheader style, all the staff agreed that the revisions had improved it and that is now what we are using.

There has been a bit of confusion over the swear filter because I was told by Ransom that I could change it from inserting :O in place of profanity. However, a day later he went back on that, turned my topic about what I was doing into a poll and deleted my changes before I had a chance to reply to the thread. I spoke to IJs about this and it seems that Ransom acted out of line, so the swear word filter is still up for discussion.

Progress on the new policy has not been fast but it has not been zero, either. The internal staff guidelines topic should go a long way to demonstrating the benfits of a carefully structured and considered policy for members.